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About Mid Atlantic Exteriors of Hampton Roads

At Mid Atlantic Exteriors we realized that there was an unfilled gap between the high priced large home improvement companies and the questionable "fly by night contractors".

Large companies offer quality and reliability but with unreasonable prices. They have a high pressure commission sales force , expensive office, staff and high cost advertising campaigns. This means when you buy from them you are not only paying for your windows or deck but you are also supporting the company as well.

"Fly by night contractors" are the exact opposite. Chances are they have no overhead at all. This means no business license, contractors license or liability insurance.  We hear stories every day about homeowners who hired one of these guys and ended up losing their money, getting sub par work or worse, such as, a lawsuit from a hurt worker without insurance!


Our philosophy at Mid Atlantic Exteriors is to offer high quality exterior home improvements at reasonable prices. The logical question to ask is how can we do this? This is achieved by keeping our overhead low and running an efficient operation.

First, we do not have a commission sales force. There is no need for high pressure sales. We let our quality and price speak for itself. At Mid Atlantic Exteriors, we will never pressure you to make a rush decision about a project. We respect your wishes to think about the project and to get other estimates.

Second, we do not have an expensive office and a large supporting staff. We maintain a basic office which accommodates our needs. After all, the most important business we conduct is at your house not in our office.

Third, we have all of the required license and insurance needed to conduct our business in the state of Virginia. Mid Atlantic Exteriors maintains the comprehensive liability insurance needed for our business. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau and have a zero tolerance policy for drugs or alcohol with our employees.

Fourth, we warranty all of our products and service. We realize by keeping our customers happy our business will prosper in the long run. This is why a substantial amount of our new business is from referrals.

Thank you for showing interest in our company and we look forward to meeting with you and making your next project a success.

Best Wishes,

Robert Norman, Owner
Mid Atlantic Exteriors LLC
(757) 334-0125

Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Suffolk
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